[m]PLATFORM Registry protects your privacy
as a consumer and puts you in control
of your digital data.

About Registry

The [m]PLATFORM Registry displays information collected by [m]PLATFORM to tailor advertisements to your interests. This includes audience segments that you are a part of and data points that contribute to your segment membership. Segments are based on data collected directly and indirectly by [m]PLATFORM through client integrations, publisher relationships, and consumer dataset partnerships.

Your Registry profile is specific to the device and browser you are using while viewing this page. If your device is shared by other people such as members of your home or business, information related to those users may be included.

Please note it could take several minutes to load the data. Thank you for your patience.

[m]PLATFORM believes that consumers should have transparency into the data collected about them. Click here to download a JSON file to review data associated with your browser.

The [m]PLATFORM Registry provides consumers with tools to understand how cookie data is used to inform advertising decisions and offers the freedom of choice to opt out of data-enabled marketing. [m]PLATFORM will honor and maintain your selection and reflect any updates in your data collection preference. If you would like to opt out of data collection, or delete your data, [m]PLATFORM will no longer track your browser information or store data from partner integrations. If you choose to opt out, [m]PLATFORM cookies associated with your browser will be replaced with opt out cookies. Your opt out preference will be persisted until you remove the opt out cookies by a means such as clearing your browser cookies. If you remove the opt out cookies, buy a new device, or upgrade or change web browsers, you will need to perform the opt out process again. In order for the opt out to work, your browser must be set to accept third party cookies. To view the full [m]PLATFORM privacy policy, please click here.

If you require immediate assistance, please contact us at DPO@groupm.com.